A complete professional team learning system.

Training for new employees

Understanding the company’s philosophy, organization, company culture and system, will enable new employees to quickly adapt to their jobs.

Professional knowledge training

OJT (On the Job Training) is the best training procedure; the professional curriculum will help them with the basic professional knowledge.

Management training enhances middle-ranking management and communication skills. We also provide higher level management with different courses. The diverse training courses can make the management courses livelier.

Internal teacher training

With the planned study system, the outstanding senior managers from different fields can serve as lecturers, so their knowledge and experience can be passed on to colleagues in the relevant fields.

Improving basic work skills of entry level employees , such as communication skills, workplace EQ, time management and so on.

Knowledge Management

The sharing and complete cataloguing of all class materials from internal and off-site training courses provides access to the materials for other colleagues at any time.


As many other companies, we do provide INPLANT TRAINING for students who opt IT – spelization in Logistics & Supply Chain with a valid certification from our management after a test for optimisation.

Is not only an Inplant Training and is also a Career Oriented Program.