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Ecstasy’s Warehousing meant for safe transit and delivery of goods on stipulated period.

Ecstasy provides warehousing solutions for the customers who were on the move due to busy schedules. We provide alternate solutions for their busy business schedules by secured delivery of their goods on the requested period.

Ecstasy Warehouse solutions provide the safe and secure transit of deliverables for both perishable and non-perishable goods. Our state of art warehouse technology preserves the food products in a hygienic environment. Separate warehouse facilities allocated according to the products and services.

Bhumi – Land Transport

Packaging & storage

Cool and comfort your business schedules with Ecstasy’s Warehouse services.

Ecstasy provides value-added solutions with the cross-docking facilities cautioning over inventory or delayed shipments. We help our precious clients to reassemble the packing to suit the local market disbursements. Our storage enables the client to revitalize the products for safe and congruent delivery of goods to their end users and market players.

Ecstasy’s 19years of experience in the logistics industry enable to make the clients cacophonous moments into tuneful situations.

Warehousing & expeditied

The Warehouse is the one-stop solution for the intricate supply chain management in logistics.

Ecstasy celebrates a cordial relationship with its clients by fulfilling services on shuttles. With vivid background and experience, storage and distribution of goods are powered with technology encouraging the transits in an expedite manner.