logistics in india

The combination of road and rail transit encourages the fast and speedy delivery of shipments. The utilization and volume of transit are vast too compared to a truck.

Bhumi – Land Transport

Hasten your door to door shipments on exigency.

Ecstasy provides the best end to end solutions for the cost-effective fast land shipments. Ecstasy with a vivid network of operators can transmit the goods through the combination of road and railways, the best cost-effective land freights services.

Ecstasy’s land/Rail freight services provide the best solution for complex transportation issues on long distance, congested areas, significant volumes, heavy lift equipment, and raw materials etc.

The Land/Rail services are the best eco-friendly go green option too. Multiple and heavy types of equipment can be loaded in a single or more wagon based on the volume. A complete and dedicated cargo train can be blocked for the complex volume in a specific corridor.

Ecstasy provides the option of choosing the conventional or combined transport of raw materials and finished goods. The conventional method enables the door to door services of delivery with or without transshipment based on the location of commodities. Combined transport is more optimized for shifting the commodities in go green initiatives.

The Land/Rail services will best suit for automotive industries, agricultural, building materials, mining and handling equipment, energy and steel industries, renewable energy equipment, and for hi-tech security products and raw materials.